Showcasing fantastic HRTech tools

Laatst gewijzigd: 20 juli 2023 11:30
In a day and time where employee culture and attitude is becoming the one thing that distinguishes us from others, it is amazing to see that companies are not adopting HRTech fast enough. What must be accomplished is a situation where all the tools are showcased enabling professionals to source the best.

And here we go. The HRTech1000 is a list of innovative companies curated by professionals, advisors and investors.  Showcasing companies that make the majority of their money from digital services or platforms and improve HR.

From the latest talent management tools to groundbreaking HR analytics platforms. They are all listed on HRTech1000. Already over 250 companies have enrolled and every day new ones sign up. All companies automatically compete for the HRTech Awards which are hosted at te HRExpo on 1 October 2020 in Houten in the Netherlands.

From May 1, professionals are invited to cast their vote on HRTech1000 for their favorite HRTech solution. Their votes weigh 25% and the votes of the judges weigh 75% and this leads to the publication of the European "HRTech Top 100" in September 2020. The 3 best HRTech companies within each of the categories pitch 1 October 2020 in front of the panel of judges who then will announce the winners. 

HRTech1000 and the European HRTech Awards enable professionals to source better software, give HRTech companies exposure and provide investors with leads and insights. 

Do you know innovative HRTech companies that should be listed too? Contact Alex van Groningen


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