Pitch Best Young PE 2020: Stefan de Groot, Capital A

De genomineerden maken dit jaar kans op de M&A Award voor Best Young PE Manager 2020. Deze pitch is ingezonden door Friso Janmaat voor Stefan de Groot van Capital A.

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What are the specialties of this talent?
Stefan is, despite his young age, already extremely far in Private Equity. He is, as a very young guy, already in the lead with due diligence processes and is already in one on one contact with our portfolio managers to assist them in Buy & Build strategies we are executing together with them. Also in terms of valuation analyses he is already extremely skilled and further then many senior M&A professionals I have seen in the market. Stefan is highly intellectual, but also has the human skills (he is a kind down to earth guy) to make the right contact with managers in the portfolio and new managers & (CF) advisors we meet. Stefan de Groot will become big in Private Equity.

How does the talent distinguish itself from its peers?
If you have the above mentioned skills, Stefan is already capable of approaching managers in the portfolio or new managers by himself. This is something you would normally not expect from somebody who works for one or two years.

What impact does the talent have within the organization?
A significant impact. Stefan helps bringing everybody on a higher level. Stefan is already capable of taking up work, you would normally only see somebody do that is much more senior. Besides that you can see that he loves the PE industry and doing investments, this also has a positive impact on the group.

What impact does the talent have outside the organization?
Stefan has a very healthy impact on our portfolio managers. As already mentioned earlier he already has a lot of one-on-one contact with our portfolio managers, who respect him and are already seeing him as a senior advising them. He can already on a senior level discuss with them strategically and help & guide them in the right direction.

To what extent does the talent makes the difference to clients?
If you would see our managers as clients, then they all see Stefan as an important sparring partner and somebody they would call directly, which is rather exceptional. Stefan helps them strategically, but also with executing their Buy & Builds, which we often pursue with our portfolio companies.

Why does the talent deserves this nomination?
Stefan’s father is an investor and therefore Stefan has been involved in investments already his whole life. When the majority of students is enjoying their student time, Stefan was already reading information memoranda and executing due diligence processes with and for his father (outside of studying), during his student time, which gave him a significant head start in comparison to his peers in the market. He also did an internship at Nielen Schuman and Bencis, which also increased his view on PE and investing significantly. Besides that he is talented, intelligent, friendly, modest, eager and still willing to learn, which makes him a unique cocktail of all the right ingredients to become the best young PE professional of 2020.

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