Pitch Best Young M&A Lawyer 2020: Jasmijn Harms, Houthoff

De genomineerden maken dit jaar kans op de M&A Award voor Best Young M&A Lawyer 2020. Deze pitch is ingezonden door Richard Witvliet voor Jasmijn Harms van Houthoff.

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What are the specialties of this talent?
Jasmijn has many specialties! Would we need to describe her in a few words, it would be something like a 'multitasking responsive and responsible hard-working power mother'. But even that doesn't do her justice!  Jasmijn's responsiveness leaves everyone in awe. Even after she became a mother to her baby boy named 'Ties', she still responds to questions with the speed of light. Even the high-rolling M&A partners in our firm are somewhat jealous of this feature. Not only is she responsive, but she truly cares about the processes she gets involved in: she knows her details, she is creative and she offers solutions. She is not just an 'enabler' as many other civil-law notary or legal advisors but actively and energetically participates in the full transaction process. The clients, her team and the lawyers she works with all adore this characteristic, which is unique to her personality, and which helps to smoothen the transaction process!

How does the talent distinguish itself from its peers?
She has proven to be the cornerstone of many successful M&A transactions. Based on numbers alone and rejecting the distinction between lawyers and civil-law notaries, she probably qualifies as the highest-ranking dealmaker in our firm! How she manages this, we may never find out. But given her characteristics, we are definitely not surprised by this statistic!

What impact does the talent have within the organization?
We think she might be unaware of just how much she acts as a role model for many young talents in our firm. Younger associates look up to her and are eager to work with her. Everyone knows that you involve Jasmijn if there is a mission that needs completion yesterday! The best thing? You enjoy the ride and have fun in the meantime! Wynand van Seters, one of the associates that she trains, says: "Jasmijn taught me to look at the matters from a client's perspective which usually means being practical and efficient. This is not a given amongst notaries. She has a great personality to work with, creating a feel-good atmosphere for the entire team.

What impact does the talent have outside the organization?
Above all else, outside work, Jasmijn is a loving mother to her new-born baby. She faces a similar dilemma as other hard-working mothers, but what really sets her apart is that she hasn't given up on her ambitions and involvement for the work she does and loves. And that inspires others; especially in the unprecedented times we live in. As a young mother she inspires many colleagues also looking to start families and combining it with a beautiful career.

To what extent does the talent makes the difference to clients?
Our firm's clients are always looking for the best advice. Jasmijn knows how to deliver without losing quality. Ms. Ans Tjoonk, legal counsel at a.s.r. describes her in a way that we all sympathize with: "Jasmijn is both accurate and responsive. She is always available and very pleasant to work with!"  Mr Robert Stroeve, managing director of one of her clients summarizes Jasmijn as follows: "We have known Jasmijn Harms for many years, having worked together on a variety of international projects. Jasmijn is an organized, seasoned professional always looking for pragmatic solutions in complex M&A transactions and displaying the highest care for her clients."

Why does the talent deserves this nomination?
Jasmijn is an exemplar of a hard-working, deal making mother with a beautiful family at home. She is a power woman but is yet to be convinced of her full impact on her team and clients. Her nomination will further strengthen her -and others- in becoming an example to young and in particular female civil-law notaries. In a predominantly male M&A environment, the new female generation will hopefully follow her lead and challenge this gender unbalance.

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