Pitch Best Young PE Manager: Piebe Koster – Foreman Capital

De genomineerden maken dit jaar kans op de M&A Award voor Best Young PE Manager 2023.

Name: Piebe Koster
Company: Foreman Capital
Job Description: Associate
Age: 30

What are the specialties of this talent?
Piebe possesses a strong blend of in-depth knowledge in various pertinent areas of work, such as financial, legal, and commercial aspects. In addition to this, he exhibits excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Piebe also demonstrates robust analytical abilities, which enable him to provide valuable support to his portfolio companies. He has proven himself as a proficient e-commerce specialist through his work with Fixami and Cykelgear. His capabilities extend to facilitating top-line and bottom-line initiatives, thus gaining the trust of management. Furthermore, he has a track record of successfully identifying new opportunities on various occasions.

How does this talent distinguish itself from its peers?
Piebe stands out significantly from his peers due to the rapid development of his skills as an all-round private equity professional. He possesses a sharp mind capable of simplifying complex problems.

What impact does this talent have within the organization?
Piebe is highly active not only in deal sourcing and portfolio management but also in supporting the organization’s HR functions.

What impact does this talent have outside the organization?
In addition to making a substantial contribution to the portfolio companies in which Foreman invests, Piebe is actively involved in making a positive impact beyond the realm of private equity. For instance, he supports children through weekend school activities and is instrumental in establishing an association for young art enthusiasts. Piebe is also committed to various charitable causes, including the stichting Rembrandt.

To what extent does this talent make a difference to clients?
Piebe has proactively cultivated strong relationships with the boards of his portfolio companies, making him a respected and influential board advisor. He is also known for providing guidance and decisiveness when required, all while maintaining a helpful and pleasant presence within the team.

Why does this talent deserve this nomination?
Piebe has rapidly evolved into a well-rounded private equity professional in a relatively short period. He is a valuable team player who is enjoyable to work with. He welcomes feedback and suggestions from others, incorporating them into his approach. His intrinsic motivation for development, dedication, and hard work make him a deserving nominee for the Best PE Young Talent award.

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