Pitch Best Young PE Manager 2021: Robbert van Kampen, Bolster Investment Partners

De genomineerden maken dit jaar kans op de M&A Award voor Best Young Private Equity Manager 2021.

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Company: Bolster Investment Partners 
Job Description: Senior Investment Manager 
Age: 34 

What are the specialties of this talent? 
At 34 years, Robbert already is a very allround PE professional. Deal sourcing, deal execution, investment management, recaps,exits – he can do it all. Oftentimes many projects in different stages alongside each other. If one specialty must be highlighted, itwould be deal execution. When the heat is on, Robbert is at his best! 

How does the talent distinguish itself from its peers? 
Robbert is a real workhorse. With numerous deals under his belt already, he is always eager to do more. In addition, Robbert is eager to learn and to develop himself with a very positive attitude. 

What impact does the talent have within the organization?  
Robbert is a positive and friendly guy who is always willing to help others around him. Having been with Bolster from the start, he plays an important role in the team spirit and culture. And during the Bolster team weekend, he leads the pub crawl! 

What impact does the talent have outside the organization?  
Management teams of our portfolio companies love to work with Robbert, since he is always well-informed and willing to help.Robbert has completed several buy-and-build transactions in close cooperation with management of our companies. Moreover, he is always available to assist on other matters or to act as a sounding board for management. 

To what extent does the talent make the difference to clients?  
In deal sourcing, Robbert makes a friendly, respectful and well-prepared first impression – and what you see is what you get. With his sense of humor, he can take the tension from the air when needed. All of this can be very valuable in transaction processes, especially when it is not only about price. 

Why does the talent deserve this nomination? 
At 34 years, Robbert already is a very allround PE professional. As a professional and as a person, Robbert is an example for other people in our team and industry. In 2021, Robbert has had an excellent year with a new platform investment, an exit and two buy-and-build transactions. With his positive mindset, he will certainly develop himself and the team around him further in 2022! 

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