Pitch Best Young PE Manager 2021: Marouane Oulad, Rabo Investments

De genomineerden maken dit jaar kans op de M&A Award voor Best Young Private Equity Manager 2021.

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Company: Rabo Investments 
Job Description: Associate 
Age: 29 

What are the specialties of this talent? 
Marouane is a very quick learner and has been mastering all parts of the investment process in a short period of time. He is able to connect easily with internal as well as external stakeholders and builds up a relevant network quickly. Marouane rapidly was nicknamed “golden boy” because he was involved with an exit, junior capital deal, multiple (!) capital raise processes of portfolio companies, convertible and a new equity investment within his first couple of months at Rabo Investments as opposed to several years for us mere humans. Having been an entrepreneur himself, he knows what it takes and what it’s like and uses this valuable experience as investor. 

How does the talent distinguish itself from its peers? 
Marouane has the unique capacity to combine analytical/technical skills with soft skills, both on a level that exceeds his current position and strongly ahead of what is expected given his years of experience. As such he gains responsibility in his work quickly, is self-starting and thinks out of the box. He pro-actively comes up with ideas to add value to our portfolio companies in a different way (e.g. digital marketing) and is not afraid to speak up and give his opinion, also when it’s a different one. He also thinks some steps ahead by already actively building his network across corporate finance advisors and consultants. 

What impact does the talent have within the organization?  
Marouane is a real team player, so he is beloved within our department. His organizational talents are highly valued, not only exemplified by means of finding & arranging excellent locations for our mini-offsites, but also by making sure that social team events take place on a regular basis and are well-attended. Given his background in terms of experience (prior entrepreneur) and culture, he is a role model in terms of diversity within the bank. Marouane is also involved with new Rabo trainees, arranging in-house days and workshops to share knowledge and experience. He is highly motivated to spot and help new talents within the organization to develop them further by mentoring trainees. As such he is a key ambassador for Rabo Investments. 

What impact does the talent have outside the organization?  
Given his background in terms of experience (prior entrepreneur) and culture, he is a role model in terms of diversity within the PE community. By means of his dedicated & persistent work attitude, always willing to go the extra mile mentality in combination with his pro-active ideas he actively contributes to the growth of our portfolio companies. 

To what extent does the talent make the difference to clients?  
His high quality input and output as well as his entrepreneurial spirit is highly regarded with management teams / founders of our portfolio companies.  

They very much welcome his concrete ideas to bring the companies further and the way he leverages the internal Rabobank network for their benefit. 

Why does the talent deserve this nomination? 
In a very short period, Marouane has been able to gain significant knowledge in the origination, investment process and portfoliomanagement activities. Last year alone, Marouane has been actively involved with: 

  • Exit of Bakon Food Group; 
  • Capital raise process of Go Green; 
  • Participation in Viscon; 
  • Execution of junior capital deal; 
  • Currently in due diligence of a large investment in Food & Agri; 
  • Capital raise processes of Protix; 
  • Strategy memo for new extended mandate Rabo Investments 

Marouane is part of a young and ambitious team, which is making significant steps in terms of invested capital and return, being the Food & Agri ecosystem investor in NL. Given his age and work experience, the combination of technical / soft skills, the entrepreneurial spirit and most important truly being a team player, he deserves this nomination. 

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