Pitch Best Young M&A Lawyer 2021: Naomi Asscheman, Nauta Dutilh

De genomineerden maken dit jaar kans op de M&A Award voor Best Young M&A Lawyer 2021.

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Company: NautaDutilh  
Job Description: Associate Corporate 
Age: 28 
What are the specialties of this talent? 
Naomi works in Corporate M&A with a focus on private M&A transactions and investment funds. Please find below a selection of the transactions she has worked or is working on: 

  • merger between RTL and Talpa (counsel to RTL) 
  • sale of High Tech Campus Eindhoven by Marcel Boekhoorn 
  • sale of Royal CSK (best mid-market deal 2020) (counsel to Royal CSK) 
  • sale of Framelco (counsel to the Snijders family) 
  • sale of Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals (counsel to Steinweg Ports International BV) 
  • purchase of Prins Group, a builder of greenhouses, and Stolze, a specialist in electrical and irrigation, grow light, automation and climate technology (counsel to NPM) 
  • purchase of Codian Robotics BV (counsel to ABB) 
  • purchase of Roadmap Holding BV (counsel to Emburse)- purchase of Imkey BV (cvster.nl) (co-counsel to Talent Inc.) 
  • purchase of Frigo Group (counsel to Lineage Logistics) 
  • purchase of NMi and Triskelion (counsel to Levine Leichtman Capital Partners) 
  • purchase of Symsys (co-counsel to Mediaocean)- counsel to various investment funds for Invest-NL 

 How does the talent distinguish itself from its peers? 
"Naomi is genuinely one of the nicest and most positive people I know. She is constantly inspiring others and has a true can-do mentality. She never tries to score points at the expense of someone else and is never stressed. She's smart, hardworking and sympathetic and did an outstanding job on the RTL Talpa merger." 
– Joost den Engelsman, Partner Corporate M&A/Private Equity NautaDutilh 
"Naomi is not just an excellent lawyer. She is also incredibly enthusiastic about the legal profession and interaction with colleagues. She has a distinct ability to put clients with or without a legal background at ease in complicated transactions by taking a no-nonsense approach to challenging issues."  
– Ruben Martens, Notary Corporate M&A NautaDutilh 
Naomi oversees the entire transaction and never loses sight of the big picture. She not only concentrates on her own tasks, but also foresees what needs to be done and acts proactively, both internally and with clients. As a result, she was allowed to supervise large transactions quite quickly, such as the merger between RTL and Talpa. Naomi radiates calm and confidence. She sees what clients need and provides the necessary information before being asked.  
She calls in others in time, if needed, which gives the supervising partner peace of mind, knowing that everything will turn out all right. 
In addition, in an environment that can be stressful and hectic, she not only monitors processes and deadlines but also has a good eye for the people she works with.  

Naomi understands the client and shows her commitment to their business. She identifies what is relevant to the transaction and ensures she has an overview of the field in which the company is active. This inspires confidence and makes her a trusted advisor. 
What impact does the talent have within the organization? 
"After working with Naomi on numerous matters, I would describe her as highly driven, responsive and pragmatic. In addition, she has a great outlook and always stays positive. It is a pleasure working with her." 
– Terrence Dom, Senior Associate Data Protection NautaDutilh 
For Naomi, teamwork and communication are very important. She truly collaborates with her colleagues instead of just telling them what she needs from them and when she needs it. She makes them feel part of the process, which in turn improves the result. 
Colleagues love working with Naomi because she really looks out for them on a personal level. She is genuinely interested in their contribution and values what everyone brings to the table, thereby contributing to a positive atmosphere and team spirit at the office. 
Now that she is more experienced, Naomi mentors younger colleagues. She takes the time to discuss their work, gives feedback, and provides tips and tricks drawn from her own experience.  
"I don't know any one else who looks so critically at my due diligence input. As a result, I learn a lot from her and I notice that I always take an extra look at my work before I share it with Naomi. I find it incredible how, in addition to her own work, she makes time for colleagues and takes the initiative of organising get-togethers." 
– Thiemo Kerklaan, Junior Associate Corporate M&A NautaDutilh 
Naomi contributes to the atmosphere at the firm by organising social activities within the M&A department (dinner at her house, drinks at the office, cheering on colleagues at the Rotterdam Marathon, etc.). 
"In addition to her excellent legal and coordination skills, Naomi also excels in being a team player and keeping team spirit high. She is the frontrunner/organiser of various events to boost team spirit, most recently an event to support colleagues taking part in the Rotterdam Marathon." 
– Arnout Koeman, Senior Associate Competition NautaDutilh 
Naomi is one of those people who make NautaDutilh a truly nice and fun place to work. 
What impact does the talent have outside the organization? 
"Naomi is a driving force in our CSR committee. In addition to her busy schedule, she manages to find time to coordinate JINC and IMC weekend school. She knows how to convince colleagues to take part in these initiatives and truly acts as an ambassador. The programmes she has developed are educational, creative and appealing to pupils. She is directly involved with the participants and knows how to put everyone at ease." 
– Shirley Justice, CSR specialist and head of NautaDutilh's CSR committee  
Aside from working on billable projects, Naomi is also an active member of our CSR committee. Until she moved to London in September 2021 (to work at our London office), Naomi was the coordinator of JINC Bliksemstage in Rotterdam and Amsterdam and of IMC Weekendschool. Through these programmes, she has an impact on the future of many children. Naomi also does voluntary work in her free time (e.g. the animal protection society and camps for people with physical and/or mental disabilities). 
To what extent does the talent make the difference to clients? 
"Naomi is able to manage complex deals with many stakeholders. She's always on top of things, remains calm at all times, negotiates on the basis of legal arguments rather than emotions, and never lets go." 
– Marjolein van der Linden, Director of Legal & HR at RTL 
Naomi quickly builds a relationship with the client and positions herself as an expert and trusted advisor. She understands that her contribution forms part of a bigger picture and knows how to explain it to the client. She is approachable and takes the time to layout complex issues clearly, never losing sight of the relevance and context. She knows how to communicate and picks up the phone if this would be more efficient.  
Naomi's involvement extends beyond the transaction. She continues to follow up with the client and maintains contact in an informal manner. This shows her commitment and makes her feel like a member of the client's team rather than an external party. 
Our client Invest-NL, for whom Naomi works, indicated through lead partner Sybren de Beurs that they are very happy with the services of NautaDutilh and particularly appreciate working with Naomi. They describe her as 'always on the ball' and praise her legal expertise. 
Why does the talent deserve this nomination? 
"Naomi truly is a young talent, willing to work hard and with perseverance to cultivate her capabilities. She is a driving force in getting the deal done and acts as a natural leader for the team in a pleasant way."  
– Aira Scheijvens, notary corporate M&A NautaDutilh 
Not only is Naomi very good at her job, she radiates energy while doing it. Naomi's strength lies in a combination of in-depth knowledge of the law, genuine interest in her clients and colleagues, and empathy. The advice she gives is clear, to the point and relevant. She shows that she understands the subject matter and the context and knows how to convey this to clients, which appreciate her outstanding service. She knows what it takes to bring a transaction to successful conclusion and how to get all parties on board. This makes her a pleasure to work with for colleagues, clients, other parties and their advisers. 

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