Pitch Best Young M&A Lawyer 2021: Mustafa Sahan, Nysingh Advocaten en Notarissen

De genomineerden maken dit jaar kans op de M&A Award voor Best Young M&A Lawyer 2021.

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Company: Nysingh Advocaten en Notarissen 
Job Description: M&A lawyer 
Age: 32 
What are the specialties of this talent? 
Mustafa is an M&A lawyer pur sang, but most importantly he is a contract drafting specialist who understands the wishes of the client and is superb in the translation thereof into text. He is approachable 24-7 and can really drive the tempo in transactions. Furthermore, Mustafa understands transactions from all angles, which makes him the go-to-guy for more complex matters. 
Our clients value the bridges Mustafa builds between his broad knowledge of the legal field, the (legal) effects of the transaction documents and the assurance he can give the client by understanding his business and the related risk profile. 
How does the talent distinguish itself from its peers? 
In my 20+ years of experience I have not seen many lawyers at his level of experience who comprehend the different multidisciplinary aspects of our field as well as he does. He understands how the different aspects fit into the broader picture and can adjust and adapt his strategy. This is exactly why we appointed him co-lead in various transactions as from becoming a medior at our firm. 
What impact does the talent have within the organization? 
Our organization fully trusts his skillset and know that we have someone who can back any area of our practice group up at very short notice and – most importantly – without having to double check / worry about the quality of the work done. He is a key player in our Corporate/M&A team. While – naturally – there are still areas in which he can improve, the speed at which his star rose within our organization really underlines his value for our organization. 
What impact does the talent have outside the organization? 
Our referrals, clients and other stakeholders all like to work with Mustafa. Mustafa adapts to the person across the table to really “talk his language”. If his counterpart has a lot of experience in M&A, Mustafa is comfortable enough to quickly dive into the subject matter. However, if it is a one-off seller, Mustafa can just as easily take his time to explain and – in some cases – even visualize (by drawing/slidedecks etc.) what the agreement entails. 
To what extent does the talent make the difference to clients? 
Our clients love working with Mustafa. Almost every client has dedicated a part of the closing speech to his contribution. It could be related to his work ethic, the way he clarified the agreement, but even the way Mustafa assesses risk for our clients. Mustafa knows what is required to get the deal done and is an anchor our clients hold on to in the more chaotic phases of a transaction. And this is – by far – the most comprehensive complement our clients make with respect to his contribution. 

Why does the talent deserve this nomination? 
Mustafa deserves this nomination because of his skillset, his experience and the value it brings to not only our firm, but more importantly to our clients.  
He is a deal driver and never loses sight of the wishes of our clients. Furthermore, Mustafa deserves this nomination because of his role in our organization and the speed at which he rose the ranks. He was a co-lead very early in his career and has not handed over his responsibility ever since. Our clients liase directly with him and are provided with accurate advise every time. 
His contributions have resulted in one of Mustafa’s deals becoming 2nd amidst 30 other transactions for a nomination in another deal ranking. The deal Mustafa worked on involved – amongst others – a complex restructuring, it was a cross border transaction and also included a participation of 35 employees. The sheer complexity of this deal and having to deal with COVID restrictions, while at the same time making sure to be able to close the deal within the agreed upon timetable, really underlines the professionality of Mustafa. 
There is no more invaluable team member than Mustafa at the moment. 

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