Pitch Best Small Cap Deal 2022: Van Gelder – Stam & Co

Deze deal is door de jury uit de longlist geselecteerd en maakt kans op de M&A Award voor Best Small Cap Deal 2022. Stem nu op jouw favoriete deal.

Name of the deal: Van Gelder acquires Stam & Co from Alliander 
Date announced: 10 December 2022 
Date closed: 06 January 2022 
Published value: 5 – 50 million euros 
Buyer(s): Van Gelder 
Target: Stam & Co 
Seller: Alliander 

Involved firms and advisors 

Involved firms and advisors buy side:  
Houthoff (Legal advisory Corporate M&A), Lansigt Accountants (Consultancy), Van Gelder (In House Corporate M&A) 

Involved firms and advisors target:  

Involved firms and advisors sell side:  
Emendo Capital (M&A Advisory), TIC Advisory (Financial Due Diligence), Vriman M&A Lawyers (Legal Advisory Corporate M&A), Amstone Tax Lawyers (Tax Advisory), Alliander (In House Corporate M&A) 


Brief description deal / Deal outline  

Van Gelder Groep, a Dutch contractor that builds above and below ground infrastructure, has acquired Stam & Co, a Dutch contractor, from Alliander, a Dutch provider of gas and electricity, in a competitive auction process.  Under the new ownership, Stam & Co will be able to develop further as a contractor in the underground cable and pipeline infrastructure sector. 

Why should this deal win the Award for Best Deal Small-Cap 2022?  
Good example of a well run small cap auction process. Competitive process. W&I. Smooth execution. Good example that boutiques also work for large Dutch corporates. Also good example of ongoing consolidiation in infra business. 

Deal rationale:  
Strategic focus of Alliander to no longer source infra internally. 

What is the impact of this deal for the company?  
Fits into strategic plan of Alliander. For Stam itself (and management) this brings a new dynamic and opportunities to further grow the business together with Van Gelder. Also geographically this is a great combination.  

What is the impact of this deal for the direct stakeholders?  
Fits into strategic plan of Alliander. For Van Gelder this strengthens their position in the Infra-market and ensure their position in the ongoing consolidation.  

What is the impact of this deal on society?  
Strong combination of Infra between Van Gelder and Stam. Better service at lower costs for customers.  

What was most complex about this deal?  
Getting bidders to understand the legal side of the business and the growth case. 

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